We promote friendships between Denmark and the United States through the arts. 


Our Mission

The Mission of Danish American Cultural Exchange is to promote friendship and cultural relations between the United States and Denmark.

DACE -which stands for Danish American Cultural Exchange - seeks to initiate and support cultural, artistic, educational and design-based initiatives through its sub-committtees focused on its specific fields of endeavor


As an umbrella organization DACE initiates, coordinates and supports projects in the fields of performing and visual arts; literature and education;  architecture, design & fashion.  These activities may occasionally include social events and gatherings to encourage the exchange of ideas or to celebrate cultural accomplishments.

DACE itself is a grantmaking and fiscal sponsor platform. We do not organize our own cultural events or exchange programs. Our main purpose is to collect, manage, and distribute funds in support of three broad areas of activities:

1) fund scholarships to young individual Danish and American artists through our own trust. In 2018 we only have funds earmarked for US dancers interested in studying in Denmark and vice-versa, but we hope soon to expand our scholarship provision to other artistic disciplines. Scholarships are awarded once a year at an event in New York City by nomination of our established Dance Program Committee.

2) help fundraise for, and administer project grants to, innovative Danish cultural and artistic programs in the United States within the fields of music, dance, theater, literature, visual arts, architecture, design, fashion, and culinary arts. Over the coming years we will be creating program committees focused on these specific artistic fields.

3) act as a fiscal sponsor to support Danish cultural organizations and projects in need of a temporary fiscal agent for their activities in the United States.

Until DACE has a significantly higher asset level, the organization will not be able to have an open application process or to receive unsolicited proposals.

See our detailed Program Guidelines here: 

We Do Not Fund:

DACE does not support:
- For-profit activities;
- Excessive salaries or honoraria that go beyond the usual levels paid for similar   activities in the home country of the artist(s);

- Expenses incurred by commercial managers, agents, producers, or board members of the grant recipient;

- Publishing; or

- Recordings


The DACE Foundation is a nonprofit  503 (c)




D.A.N.C.E is today the longest running continuous cultural exchange between Denmark and the United States.

What We've Achieved

DACE  2017

2016 marked the celebration of our 58th year and  for a major renovation and expansion of the foundation. Our youth today, interacting, living and learning with real time live streaming,  is the future. And its also the future of  continued communication through Cultural exchange, as its the vessels that can make this happen, in a much larger scale. DACE is to expand  to include  fields of music, theater, literature, visual arts, architecture, design, fashion, tech design, film and culinary arts. 

 Academic, professional, and cultural exchange programs, includes people of all ages in the United States and Denmark. They facilitate life-changing cultural experiences across the educational spectrum .