DACE operates under the authority of a seven-person Board of Directors, but each cultural discipline benefits from the guidance of a Program Committee. It is the responsibility of the Program Committees to provide the DACE Board with expert guidance on all activities within the designated artistic discipline. That goes for scholarships and grants as well as fiscal hosting agreements with Danish institutions. Not all of the nine program committees will be in constant operation, but the ones that can be established under the DACE umbrella are:

Dance Committee
Theatre Committee
Music Committee

Visual Arts Committee
Literature Committee
Film Committee
Architecture and Design Committee

Fashion Committee
Culinary Arts Committee

The DACE Board is responsible for the final approval of outgoing scholarships and grants, and will make its decision based on written recommendations from its committees.


The current board (all New York-based) is composed of:
Mette Dyhrberg
Eva Jensen
Sanne Ytting
Connie Holst
Mark Robinson
Anina Rosen

Sandra Septimius




Email: office@danishamericanculturalexchange.com